Red pepper fettuccine with shrimp

Well, well, well.

Seems like it is summertime, and I’m making hot, creamy fettuccine and shrimp, and EVERYTHING ABOUT IT FEELS RIGHT for the best brunch nyc.

Here Is What you Want to know about this recipe at a hot moment:

Fast pan-fried shrimp;
creamy noodles;
red pepper / garlic / butter / lemon-ish sauce vibes;
yum to the maximum.
New flash: Shrimp are more tasty when tucked between horizontal, broad, chewy fettuccine noodles. And fettuccine noodles are more flavorful when coated with a slick. Hot but not too hot, garlic-forward sauce. And it all just looks a bit nicer when served up with a side of crispy, almost-sweet greens.

Can I frame this?

Here Is What else you Will Need to know about this recipe:

It is simple and freezer-friendly as a result of some red-pepper-garlic-compound-butter kind deal.

But , can we only establish that we’re all using excellent quality butter?

Particularly when butter is your major star, I want it to be GOOD butter. Like, would taste great by itself, with hardly any additional assistance. For these reasons, I am not over taste-testing standalone butterand I do not think that it’s any shocker to anybody who Land O LakesĀ® Butter is just plain great .


Alright, so the foundation of the recipe is really a compound butter made with butter, red pepper, herbs, garlic, lemon, and a couple of spices.

Turn in your food processor… allow it to operate for a little…

And you wind up with this stunning and flavor-packed butter which may be a foundation for ALMOST ANY RECIPE EVER.

In the case of the recipe, the butter has been made and in the freezer, so I just had to consider four components:

Heavy Cream
That, and your butter, and you are winning a gold medal for Home Cook Who Makes Gourmet Meals Without Getting Flustered.

I fully intend to maintain my freezer stocked with batches of the butter for fast meals in the ready this autumn.

Seriously, the options are endless here. Make that red pepper and use it with whatever else! Any pasta, any proteinany grain… I used it together with salmon after, and poultry could be bomb, also I had a vision for shrimp with some buttery rice and a side dish… so yes, I’m kinda obsessed.

You do you really! Go wild. These are my favourite sorts of recipes. For more info click jekyll and hydes sports bar

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