Summer fried chicken sandwiches Using tangy slaw

Not much to see here, men.

Only THE BEST CHICKEN SANDWICH EVER. If we keep speaking?

You men, these sandwiches would be the things of legends. I mean, I cannot count the amount of group texts which have gone back and on every last crumb and taste of the sandwich.

Individuals have their views about poultry sandwiches, I understand, and true I do not have Southern roots or anything I… sort of do not understand exactly what I’m doing. Except I really do know what I believe tastes great, and I feel these are amazing.

I began using a brioche bun — only the ideal number of fluffy lightness, and I spread them with butter and toasted them in the oven so that they had a tiny structure . Then on went the fried chicken, the bacon, the Swiss cheese. I really like the pinch and tang of slaw, therefore I piled it onto top. The crown jewel has been a few pickle pieces (mine were spicy/sweet) along with also a heavy handed shmear of honey dijonnaise.

If you are feeling like that is something that you want to eat at the moment, then you are understanding.

And if you are feeling somewhat nervous about skillet, allow me to just calm down you. This is a VERY EASY fry. It is not a fancy film, but that pretty much shows the way to create these chicken sandwiches at a nutshell:

Buttermilk soak,
dredge in warm mixture,
skillet to gold brown succulent chicken perfection.
With a fair number of common sense, you won’t burn anything and you won’t acquire oil splattering around.

You will only do the 1-2-3 fried chicken dancing (soak, dredge, fry) and individuals will rave on your poultry sandwiches for years.

See, that was not so scary.

Once you brush your chicken, you are pretty much done, and the ball is on your court.

Things to Think about for your fried chicken sandwiches:

Slaw — yes/no? Mayo/no mayo? I think in mayo slaws, therefore I vote this leadership.
Pickles? Dill/sweet? Pickled something? JalapeƱos?
Cheese? I enjoy Swiss, but if you would like to have a hot angle, Pepperjack is also an superb option.
Bacon? I really don’t understand, I suppose it is dependent upon how much you really love yourself.
Buns — moving all-in using a biscuit? I enjoy the lightness of brioche, however you also do you.
Sweet sauce? Or sexy? Honey dijonnaise is what is written into this particular recipe, but hot mayo will not disappoint.
This is the fried chicken sandwich masterpiece.

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